objectives and key results

align your company and drive actionable plans that deliver real results.

okr dashboard

weekdone’s okr features are built around okr best practices, giving you everything you need to successfully implement okrs in your company.  

company objectives align team okrs. weekly check-ins build engagement & habit in creating plans that move team okrs forward.

2022年世界杯国足预选赛 and support

education, training, and support to get your company up and running with okrs.

getting everyone educated and onboard with okrs isn’t easy, that’s why weekdone offers more than just resources and support.

weekdone packages include unlimited professional 2022年世界杯国足预选赛 and team training, built in personalized examples, and the most practical okr learning center around.

the training will move your company forward, by getting teams and employees to think of outcomes and the results of their work.

weekly check-ins and planning

create engagement and habit around goal-setting.

weekdone incorporates the best practices for moving okrs forward.

make a habit towards checking in with okrs through weekly meetings. leaders get a better understanding of what problems their teams are facing, while users can see what others are up to. 

reporting and data visualization

get a clear overview of company and team progress with visual dashboards.

visual dashboard

weekdone’s dashboards give you the ability to see how your teams are progressing on okrs at a glance.

receive email reports or download custom pdf/xls reports of company progress and always stay up to date. use our tv dashboard to make sure progress is always visible.

conversations, feedback, and recognition

build engagement and improve collaboration even when working remotely.

spark meaningful conversations between teams and provide public feedback and recognition, keeping everyone in your company engaged.

leaders can get an understanding of the health and progress of each team, while individuals can encourage each other and engage in cross-team collaboration.


enjoy a seamless workflow with your existing tools

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